Hi, I would like to know how to put text over an image in two ways. By Xah Lee. 0. Tweet. The example image looks like the text "Nutritionist" is being added beneath the image rather than overlaying it. Learn how to overlay text caption over an image on a WordPress blog. ... How to get text over an image in css/html? Here in this article I am going to show to how to add a transparent text over an image using only CSS. Thank you FAQ. Everytime I enter the below code, the text goes under the image. Date: ... 2014-08-16. ... Add the highlighted code to your own HTML: ... To get some space between the image and the text we can use the margin property. How do I center a text over an image in css? By Joe Burns. Responsive jQuery Bootstrap Carousel Create a mobile, retina, touch-swipe carousel that looks amazing on all browsers and phones. How to put text over images in HTML. You can quickly add different types caption over image in your images using CSS and HTML. I am publishing multiple galleries (to different pages). css keyword ref; cgi scripting ... How To Use Text Over Images with HTML. Do I musunderstand? Displaying text on image hover effect using html and css. ... How to position text over an image in css. How to create an overlay in css, How to overlay image with color in CSS ,CSS Image Hover Overlay , Overlay another image , How to position text over an image Instructions for using CSS to place HTML formatted text over a photo or image as a text overlay. Wrap text around an image with CSS . Here you can watch the code-free development process of this fantastic CSS Image Gallery! CSS: Text Over Image. How to make image description appear on image hover effect in web designing. Wrap text around an image with CSS . description on image Several template photo gallery on the same page. A few of the IMG Attributes from previous version of HTML have been ... To get some space between the image and the text I answered a question from a reader about putting text over an image. Topic: HTML / CSS Prev|Next Answer: Use the CSS position Property. Here's the HTML code. Text How to develop CSS Image Gallery! Simple and flexible solutions to display text over image. Display Text Over Image Using HTML And CSS In this tutorial we will show you how to display text over image using HTML and CSS Design Considerations: Text on Images ... You could darken it in an image editing program, or, with CSS, ... and then there's white text written over it. The term alternative text, as used in this article, refers to the text equivalent for an image, regardless of where that text resides. How to position text over an image using CSS.